Investor Relations


Investor Relations are a series of actions carried out by a public company to inform its shareholders and potential investors of the company results, plans and strategy. Some of the companies information must notify under the regulations of the SEC and the stock exchanges. Part of the investor relations main activities are IR websites, presentations and the Annual Reports.


IR Websites: As more and more investors go to corporate sites, the investor relations site takes on more and more importance. Investors that are hungry for information want stock information, the latest stock price, road show meetings, calendar events and more. How do you keep your IR web site up to date? How can you use the internet to create a more personal relationship with your shareholders, employees and the financial community? How can your IR department communicate non-financial attributes? 

For more than a decade we have been designing and building IR website that is up-to-date, and an effective tool that corporations can leverage in their communications with investors. By using the web more effectively, companies can lower their IR communications costs; reach investors in new markets; and strengthen and improve investor understanding of their potential. For example see Delek-Group and Israel Corporation.


Annual Reports: An annual report is a journal of corporate success and failure, leadership and vision, profit and loss. It’s about how well you communicate management’s vision. Their strategy. Their performance. Their brand. How do you compete for a reader’s time and attention? The Annual Report enables a company with a unique opportunity to publicize its vision and discuss the full gamut of its activities and is therefore regarded by publicly traded enterprises throughout the world as a foremost marketincommunications tool. Whereas most marcom collateral focuses on specific product offerings and their technical advantages, the Annual Report explores the very essence of a company – its mission and market position and the intangible benefits of reliability, service and forward-thinking vision that often get lost in other marketing pieces. Above all, the Annual Report sends a clear message to shareholders as to why their continued faith and investment in a company is justified.

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Presentations: No matter where those meetings are held their purpose is the same – to exchange information so that ideas will be remembered. Usually the problem is that you have more facts and data than your audience can comprehend or care about. What do you leave in and what do you leave out? How will you keep the audience interested while making a case? How will you get your message across? How will it look and feel within your brand? It seems that business people believe that the moment they finish presenting their  summary, they succeeded in conveying their ideas. What they actually did was pass on information. Later on, they may understand that what they said had no influence at all. To get ideas stuck in people heads you need to tell a good story that has one compelling core message. This message should be translated into concrete, relevant graphics so that you won’t have to guess if people get it or not.