For years the printing house has been eulogized, yet it’s alive and kicking. Perhaps in another diaspora, perhaps it does’nt speak to everyone but it definitely exists.

As a designer it is difficult to let go of the print world. It’s hard to stop being moved by the first page that comes out of the machine, the sparkling Foil on the cardboard, the smell from flipping a booklet that was just wrapped. The pressure of how it will look like after gluing it all? The first reaction of the client to hold it in his hand. Did he imagined it that way? Was he excited? Was it worth the stress?

And what about all the business cards handed for the first date? Here I am. And the greeting cards that were sent just for us? The feeling of holding something in our hand. The smell. The touch. There isn’t anything that will replace that. And what about the personal marketing impact?

Here is a collection of a loved printed stuff. Thank you all dear printers for all your devotion so that everything will be as planned.