The 4-Floor


The 4-floor, from the creators of Café Noir in Tel Aviv and Sebastian restaurant in Herzliya, is a loft located at the heart of Tel Aviv, overlooking the beautiful cityscape and offers a unique and comprehensive experience for any occasion, and business event.

The 4-floor combines culture, art, food and hosting in a genuine and open of 800 square meters with fully equipped kitchen, seating intimacy, original art, design details, unique books and magazines collected from stores and markets around the world, providing cultural content for any occasion.

The 4-floor has a Chef kitchen, that leads a culinary approach of uncompromising quality combined with alcohol and wine bar among the best there is. The open space and modular design allow a different character and style of event that is an appropriate fit for any kind of occasion.



A series of Advertising for the 4-Floor 

A folded Calendar for the 4-Floor